Dear Reader: An Introduction

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Hey there and thanks for visiting!

I’m Christine, the writer and music lover behind this blog.

I started writing about music after interning at an entertainment website the summer before my senior year of college. Since then, I’ve realized that I have a genuine passion for music not only as a means of storytelling, but also from a journalistic standpoint.

My passion for music journalism has prompted me to continue developing my voice as a writer–through contributing pieces at two websites and by creating and maintaining my own online space here.

I’m excited to grow this website and share my perspective on all things music: from the latest industry news to what songs I’ve got playing on repeat, to what new artists I’ve been discovering.

I’m even more excited, though to connect with you, reader.

I hope you find something you enjoy here, and if you do, that you’ll let me know.

Until next time, happy reading and thanks again!



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