What I’ve Been Listening To: September Edition

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I’m excited to launch a brand-new series called, What I’ve Been Listening To, where I share what tracks I’ve had on repeat for the last 30 days. Here are my song picks for the month of September:

“Blue Ain’t Your Color,” Keith Urban

Keith Urban offers encouragement to an unnamed female scorned by her ex-lover on this swoon-worthy track from his 2016 album, Ripcord. Slow, string-laden, and sweet, Urban proves why he’s one of country’s longest-standing male artists: he’s as classy as he is talented.

Standout Lyrics: Well, I’ve had enough to drink/And it’s makin’/Me think that I just might/Tell you if I were a painter I wouldn’t change ya/I’d just paint you bright/Baby

“Miss Me More, ” Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini is bold and empowered on “Miss Me More,” her explosive single from her sophomore album, Unapologetically. The song is as country as it is sassy and Ballerini re-claims her independence as she says goodbye to an old relationship.

Standout Lyrics: I put on my old records that I hid in the back of the closet/And I turned them up to ten/And then I played them all again/I found my independence/Can’t believe I ever lost it/It’s what you wanted, ain’t it?/It’s what you wanted

“homecoming queen?,” Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini shows a more vulnerable and introspective side on “homecoming queen?,” her most mature release to date. The lead single from her third studio album due out this spring, “homecoming queen” is simple and stripped, allowing Ballerini to deliver a stunningly raw vocal.

Standout Lyrics: Yeah what if I told you the sky wouldn’t fall/If you lost your composure, said to hell with it all/Not everything pretty sparkles and shines/And even the homecoming queen cries

“Lullaby,” The Spill Canvas

Tender and pure, The Spill Canvas’s “Lullaby” is a love song at its finest. The acoustics are next-level and the song has one of the most sing-able choruses I’ve ever heard. All-around perfection.

Standout Lyrics: While you were sleeping I figured out everything,/I was constructed for you, and you were molded for me./Now I feel your name, coursing through my veins./You shine so bright it’s insane, you put the sun to shame.

“The World Keeps Spinning,” Kalie Shorr

Rising country singer, Kalie Shorr hones in on tragedy in this track from her debut album, Open Book released September 27. (Shorr penned the track about her older sister’s battle with heroin addiction). With impeccable storytelling and stark lyrics, this song will leave a lump in your throat and grab ahold of your heart.

Standout Lyrics: The sky/Didn’t even have the decency to cry/And that damn sun/Still found a way to shine/When my heartache’s hitting/I think it’s kinda cruel that the world keeps spinning

“September,” Earth Wind & Fire

It wouldn’t be September without this bright, dance-worthy track from Earth Wind & Fire. An oldies classic that’s sure to get you moving.

Standout Lyrics: Our hearts were ringing/In the key that our souls were singing/As we danced in the night/Remember how the stars stole the night away

And that’s the list. Check back each month to see which songs I’ve chosen to feature and tell me which songs you’ve got on repeat.

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