What I’ve Been Listening To: August/September Edition

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Happy September! Not only is it a new month, but September also marks one year since I started my What I’ve Been Listening To series. Whether you’ve been following my writing for the last year, the last month, or the last five minutes, I offer you my sincerest thanks, dear reader. I hope you’ll read on and enjoy my August/September picks:


“Craving You,” Thomas Rhett featuring Maren Morris

Thomas Rhett teams up with fellow country singer, Maren Morris on this sultry track about love and desire. Catchy and upbeat, this is the perfect song to blast in the car or dance to in your living room.

Standout Lyrics: You’re like that cigarette/That shot of hundred proof/No matter how much I get/I’m always craving/That feeling when we kiss/The way your body moves/No matter how much I get/I’m always craving you/Craving you

“God’s Not Done With You,” Tauren Wells

Christian singer, Tauren Wells delivers a beautiful reminder of God’s love–complete with a stunning vocal–on this track. (Note: Pay particular attention to this from 2:20 to 2:40). I first heard this song on my local Christian radio station and have been obsessed with it ever since.

Standout Lyrics: There’s a light you don’t notice/Until you’re standing in the dark/And there’s a strength that’s growing/Inside your shattered heart/God’s not done with you/Even with your broken heart and your wounds and your scars/God’s not done with you/Even when you’re lost and it’s hard and you’ve fallen apart

“Homesick,” Kane Brown

Kane Brown sings about missing his special someone on this sweet and emotional tune that features a gorgeous fiddle instrumental.

Standout Lyrics: Well it says Kane Brown on a sign with a line out the door/Sold out some little town I’ve never been before/Yeah, they’re screaming my name/This is what we dreamed about/But out here singing ’bout you baby/All I’m thinking ’bout is how/I’m homesick/This feeling that I’m feeling no it don’t quit/It’s like half of me is missing, heaven knows it/That all I wanna do is be alone with/Your brown eyes all tangled up just holding/Onto you tonight until the morning/Baby, that’s the damn truth/If home is where the heart is/I’m homesick for you/Homesick for you, yeah yeah


“Over and Over,” Riley Clemmons featuring Lauren Alaina

Christian meets country on this duet between Riley Clemmons and Lauren Alaina. Their voices pair well with each other–and the gospel chorus featured on the track–and the lyrics are both beautiful and true.

Standout Lyrics: God of second chances here to catch me every time/I thought I was unlovable till You told this heart of mine/I’m worth more than my past mistakes/I’m never too far gone to save/I’ve given You every good reason to walk away/But somehow You choose me/Over and over again/Over and over again/You keep running to me/No matter where I am/Over and over again/I get lost I must confess/Oh how quickly I forget/But You keep on showing me I’m loved/Over and over again

“You First,” Riley Clemmons

Christian singer, Riley Clemmons leans more R&B/pop with “You First,” a song that focuses on putting God first and embracing faith through insecurity. Uplifting and insanely catchy, this is my new favorite song to jam to.

Standout Lyrics: If something’s different about me/You spin a switch in my demeanor/And if you ask me why I’m changing/I found my life when I found grace that is amazing/Now all I feel is a feeling where you’ve been forgiven/A weight off my shoulders, no longer something missing/I should have come sooner but I’m here with You now/Watching my walls falling down/I love how You love me at my best or worst/So that’s why I’m running, I’m always running to You first/I got scars but You call ’em beautiful/’Cause I’ve been looking at my skin/But You’ve been looking at my soul/I love how You love me when I can’t love me/So I’m gonna run to You first (run to You first)/I’m gonna run to You first (run to You first)

“club” (ballerini album version), Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini reimagines “club” on ballerini, a companion album to her third studio release, kelsea (2020). In comparison to its predecessor, this version is less synth-y and more stripped down. Ballerini really shines on this version; the steady piano presence throughout complements her vocals well. Ballerini announced that the reimagined version of her album will be released on September 11.

Standout Lyrics: I don’t wanna wake up on the floor of a bathroom/Lookin’ at the stamps on my hand like a tattoo/Say I’m never doin’ that again if I don’t have to/And I don’t have to go to the club

And those are my August/September picks. Let me know what you think of them, listen to them on Spotify, and share what songs you’ve had on repeat throughout the summer. Until next month…no music, no life.

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