Kelsea Ballerini Joins The Voice Battle Rounds, Fills In For Kelly Clarkson

Kelsea Ballerini sitting in for Kelly Clarkson during the The Voice Battle Rounds // Photo Credit: Kelsea Ballerini via Instagram

Country singer, Kelsea Ballerini joined NBC’s The Voice this season during the Battle Rounds after her pal, Kelly Clarkson was feeling sick. So how did Kelsea do? Read on to find out more:

Not this girl’s first rodeo

Kelsea is no stranger to The Voice franchise. Before filling in for Kelly this season, she served as her Battle Rounds advisor back in Season 16. Kelsea also served as The Voice‘s Comeback Stage coach during Season 15.

A little friendly rivalry

Kelsea engaged in a little friendly rivalry with fellow country singer/Voice coach, Blake Shelton. Kelsea jokingly referred to Blake as “Pops” since he “looks like [her] dad.” Blake also playfully teased Kelsea, saying they needed a “friendship name.” (Belsea or Shelerini, anyone)? But probably the funniest moment came when Blake called Kelly to share that Kelsea wasn’t doing “such a great job” filling in for her, and Kelly said, “I told you, do not trust him.”

I’d like to phone a friend

How did Kelsea ensure that she made decisions Kelly would approve of? By checking with Kelly herself. Several times throughout the Battle Rounds, Kelsea could be seen texting Kelly for advice. Check out one of those instances below:

She went for the steal

In a close battle between Team Blake’s Ethan Lively and Avery Roberson, Kelsea went for the steal. After Blake selected Ethan to advance to the Knockouts, Kelsea made her move and stole Avery for Team Kelly. Watch Ethan and Avery’s Battle and see the moment Kelsea stole Avery below:

Not the last you’ve seen of me?

Even though The Voice Battle Rounds ended April 12, and Kelsea’s brief coaching stint came to end, have fans really seen the last of her? It’s hard to say, but who knows? She could return to the show again in the future. Maybe as a permanent coach?

Kelsea appears on an episode of The Voice during the Battle Rounds // GIF Credit:

Are you a fan of The Voice? What did you think of the Battle Rounds?

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