What I’ve Been Listening To: August/September Edition

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Happy October! Wondering what I’ve been listening to the last couple months? Read on for my August/September picks:


“august,” Taylor Swift

Is it even really August if you don’t listen to Taylor Swift’s song, “august” at least once?

Standout Lyrics: But I can see us lost in the memory/August slipped away into a moment in time/’Cause it was never mine/And I can see us twisted in bedsheets/August sipped away like a bottle of wine/’Cause you were never mine

“Visiting Hours,” Ed Sheeran

I love an emotional song, and Ed Sheeran does not disappoint on this one.

Standout Lyrics: I wish that Heaven had visiting hours/And I would ask them if I could take you home/But I know what they’d say, that it’s for the best/So I will live life the way you taught me/And make it on my ownI will close the door, but I will open up my heart/And everyone I love will know exactly who you are/’Cause this is not goodbye, it is just ’til we meet again/So much has changed since you’ve been away

“Lose You To Love Me,” Selena Gomez

Disney darling and pop artist, Selena Gomez is utterly vulnerable on “Lose You To Love Me,” the lead single from her third solo album, Rare. Heartbreaking yet hopeful, the track describes a romantic relationship that no longer serves the singer and her subsequent journey toward healing. Unarguably, “Lose You To Love Me” is the best song Gomez has ever released and the video is equally stunning.

Standout Lyrics: You promised the world and I fell for it/I put you first and you adored it/Set fires to my forest/And you let it burn/Sang off-key in my chorus/’Cause it wasn’t yours/I saw the signs and I ignored it/Rose-colored glasses all distorted/Set fire to my purpose/And I let it burn/You got off on the hurtin’/When it wasn’t yours, yeah/We’d always go into it blindly/I needed to lose you to find me/This dancing was killing me softly/I needed to hate you to love me, yeah


“29,” Carly Pearce

Country artist, Carly Pearce sings about her eventful 29th year of life on this track of the same name. As someone who’s about to turn 29 later this fall and still has a lot to figure out, this one just hits different lately.

Standout Lyrics: Twenty-nine/By now I thought I’d have it figured out/But I’ve never felt as lost as I do now/And everybody says you’re only twenty nine/But I feel like I’m running out of time/If youth is wasted on the young have I wasted mine?/’Cause for me twenty-nine is/The year that I got married and divorced/Held on for dear life but I still fell off the horse/From a Miss to Mrs./Then the other way around/The year I was gonna live it up /Now I’m never gonna live it down

“Diamondback,” Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce goes off on an ex on “Diamondback,” the opener of her full-length third studio album, 29: Written In Stone. The duality of “diamondback” (the type of snake) and “diamond back” (as in, “you won’t be getting this diamond ring back“) is clever, and the upbeat production honors the tradition of good ole’ country cheating songs.

Standout Lyrics: Keep the house, keep the truck/Go downtown, get too drunk/Kiss a one-night stand with a butterfly on her back/Take the bed where you used to lie/Keep the friends I never liked/And the happy ever after welcome mat/But you ain’t gonna get this diamond back/No, never ever gettin’ this diamond back/You can keep the dog and the Cadillac/But you ain’t gonna get this diamond back

“My Boy,” Elvie Shane

Country singer, Elvie Shane sings about fatherhood and loving his stepson as if he were his own on this sweet and emotional track featured on his debut EP, County Roads. I recently heard this song on my local country station and instantly fell in love with it.

Standout Lyrics: He ain’t my blood, ain’t got my name/But if he did, I’d feel the same/I wasn’t there for his first steps/But I ain’t missed a ball game yet/And that ain’t ever gonna change/I could never walk away/Yeah, he’s my son and that’s my choice/He ain’t my blood but he’s my, he’s my boy

And those are my August/September picks. Give them a listen on Spotify, let me know what you think of them, and share what songs you’ve been loving lately with me. Until next time…keep calm and music on.

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