ICYMI: Adele Accused Of “Transphobia” Over Her 2022 BRIT Awards Speech

Adele accepts the award for Artist of the Year at the 2022 BRIT Awards. // Photo Credit: Screenshot captured via YouTube – BRITs

British singer Adele has been accused of transphobia after saying she “loves being a woman” during an acceptance speech at the 2022 BRIT Awards this week. The “Easy On Me” singer made these comments after receiving the award for Artist of the Year.

“This is amazing, thank you. I really wasn’t expecting this one at all,” Adele said. “I love being an artist, I really do, and I genuinely can’t believe it is my job.”

“And real artistry, I know I’ve spoken about it before, but there’s so many new artists here–England, the UK, we have so many incredible new young artists coming up and never lose sight of why you are who you are. The reason people are into you is because of something that you have in you. Don’t ever let go of that ever,” she continued.

“Also, I understand why the name of this award has changed, but I really love being a woman and being a female artist, I do. I do. I’m really proud of us. I really really am. Thank you so much.”


Adele’s comments generated a bit of online controversy following the awards, who made the decision to scrap gendered categories back in November.

“Please, no, ADELE can’t be a TERF. That last comment, though ambiguous, could be perceived as TERF-y. Please no,” one user wrote on Twitter. The term, TERF, which has also been used in reference to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, means “trans exclusionary radical feminist.”

Another user accused Adele of “throwing shade” at the award show’s decision to keep things “gender neutral.”

This user later walked back his comments after admitting he didn’t “catch exactly” what the singer said.

A third user admitted to having “lost a lot of respect” for the singer following her comments.

But for all those who were upset by Adele’s comments, an equal amount of social media users defended the singer.

One user advised the original poster of the “TERF” tweet to “get a grip.”

Another user said he rolled his eyes “so far back into [his] head” that “they hurt.”

Finally, journalist and teacher Debbie Hayton praised Adele, calling her message to women and girls “inspirational.” Hayton also shared an article she wrote about the singer for the UK-based publication, The Spectator.

Despite the controversy surrounding Adele’s speech, she fared well at the awards, taking home three trophies, including the aforementioned Artist of the Year.

So, did Adele do anything wrong? Sound off as to why or why not in the comments below.

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