Interview: The Beasley Brothers Discuss Their New Single, Their Favorite Show They’ve Played, When They’ll Release Another EP, And More

Lawson and Jackson Beasley, the country duo better known as The Beasley Brothers // Photo Credit: Sarah Grace Mitchell with Straight Street Studios; Photo Provided by The Beasley Brothers

Lawson and Jackson Beasley, better known as The Beasley Brothers, are a country duo originally from Alabama that is now based in Nashville. Influenced by country as well as rock and soul, The Beasley Brothers have been releasing music since 2013 with their debut EP, The First One, a follow-up EP (Here We Go Again, 2015) and a handful of other singles to date. In addition, the duo got the chance to open for the popular rock band Kansas at a festival in 2015 and also play more than 200 shows annually. Influenced by a variety of artists including The Beatles and The Avett Brothers, and drawing on their country, rock, and soul influences, the duo has created a unique sound that has drawn in listeners, garnering over 5,000 Instagram followers and nearly 4,700 likes on TikTok.

I recently caught up with Lawson and Jackson to discuss their new single, “Baby, Don’t Lie” (released July 8), their favorite show they’ve played, when they plan to release another EP, and more.

Here’s what they had to say:

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me! To start off, what’s your earliest memory of loving music? How did you both know you wanted to pursue music as a career?

The Beasley Brothers: Thanks so much for having us! The two of us have really been around music our entire lives. Both sides of our family were very musical, and our mom, grandmother, grandfather and many other family members sang and played musical instruments. We also grew up in the early ’90s when artists like Alan Jackson, Sammy Kershaw, Tim McGraw, and Diamond Rio were all really blowing up, so we spent a lot of time watching the CMT Top 20, as well as attending concerts with our parents. I think we both knew that we would be lifelong musicians as early teenagers, but it didn’t really occur to us until college that we could potentially make this a full-time career. We both graduated college and earned degrees, and decided to pursue music full-time shortly after graduation.

Are there any artists who inspire you or who you’d like to model your career after? Who are they and what about them inspires you?

The Beasley Brothers: For us being a band fronted by two brothers, we’ve always been intrigued by bands who are fronted by brothers or best friends that were practically brothers. The Beatles, Eagles, The Avett Brothers and Brothers Osborne come to mind. All of those have been an inspiration to us in different ways and have had careers that we look to learn from.

How has your sound evolved over the years from your EP, The First One (released in 2013) to more recent releases like “Drive” (2020), “Blindside” (2021), and even your latest single, “Baby, Don’t Lie?” (which dropped on July 8). What, if anything, has influenced your musical style through the years?

The Beasley Brothers: Early on, we just wrote whatever came to mind. We didn’t think too much about style, genre, or if the songs really fit together or not. We were just trying to learn how to write and produce music. Since moving to Nashville in 2018, our sound has definitely gravitated more towards country, and we focus to make every song fit within our brand musically and lyrically.

Tell me about your new single, “Baby, Don’t Lie.” What was the inspiration behind the song and what was the writing process like?

The Beasley Brothers: The song tells the story of getting ready to go out for a date night, only to change your mind once seeing how good your date looked. From a writing perspective, it really started out as a Shawn Mendes or Ed Sheeran vibe. After we started laying down tracks, ideas started coming to make it more of a pop-country song. Once our buddy David Lukens came up with the banjo loop, the decision was made.

Do you have any plans to release another EP or even a full-length album? If so, when can fans expect to hear more new music from you?

The Beasley Brothers: We definitely would like to release another EP with a new collection of songs. In the streaming era, it has very much become a singles game, and we will likely continue to release singles until we feel like we have the right amount of traction for an EP. We do plan to release our next single in the September/October time frame.

I see from your Instagram and your website that you’ve been playing busy shows with your last show of the summer listed as 8/13 at Tin Roof Demonbreun in Nashville. Is there a show you’ve played recently that sticks out as your favorite or is there an upcoming show that you’re really looking forward to? Why?

The Beasley Brothers: Yes! We perform live all around the country and typically perform 200+ shows a year! One of our shows that we look forward to every year is our annual Christmas show in our home state of Alabama. This will be our 6th year doing the show and it is held at the historic Princess Theatre in Decatur, AL. It is our largest ticketed event of the year and always is a blast for us on stage.

How have fans responded to the music you’ve released thus far? Have you had any memorable fan encounters? What feedback have they shared with you?

The Beasley Brothers: I think one of our earliest memories of seeing [a] first hand response to our original music was selling out our 2016 EP release show for Here We Go Again. As an independent local band, we honestly had no idea if anyone other than our close family would show up to an original music show, but we were overwhelmed at the support we received even at the beginning. Since then, it has continued to be encouraging. I think the best feedback we get is when we perform a song that is brand new to the audience and by the end they are singing along.

Is there a dream songwriter, producer, or artist you’d like to collaborate with or a dream show such as–Red Rocks or Stagecoach–you’d like to play? What would you do if you ever had the opportunity to do so? Or if it’s already happened, then what was your reaction? What do you remember about it?

The Beasley Brothers: For songwriters, I think everyone in Nashville dreams of getting into rooms with guys like Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Ashley Gorley, Ernest, and Hardy. For our age group, those guys are definitely songwriting heroes for the Nashville scene. For venues, we got to visit Red Rocks in 2015 and it was definitely added to our bucket list of venues. If we ever got to perform there, we would try to make it our best show ever (after waking up from passing out).

What career/musical goals are you looking to tackle in the near future? Next year? What about in 5-10 years? What’s the number one thing you want to achieve?

The Beasley Brothers: I think the goal for us is to continue making a good living performing and writing music. It’s really what we hope to do for the rest of our lives. In the short term, we would love to be able to headline on our own multi-state tour. I think goals are very important, but we try not to put a time frame on things. Time-oriented goals for us just makes us either disappointed that we didn’t make them, or gives the feeling that we can relax if we do. Neither are good for us. We just try to do the best we can everyday to be a little further down this road than we were yesterday.

Social media is such a big part of our culture and the music industry in 2022. Where can fans stay connected with you online and get all the latest updates about you, your music, and your upcoming shows?

The Beasley Brothers: We are primarily on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, and fans can keep up with us and stay connected on all of those. We always read and respond to messages. The best place to look for shows is on our website at

Finally, what advice would you give to other artists who are looking to break into the music industry? Has anyone given you advice that you’ve passed onto other artists? What was it?

The Beasley Brothers: Meet as many people as you can and always be kind. Treat others as you would want to be treated, but always know that some won’t treat you that way, and that you have to look out for yourself. Being someone that others want to have around and interact with has opened a lot of doors for us. I think the best advice anyone ever gave us is to always give your best at what you’re doing, but don’t compare yourself with others. There are always others doing better than you, and a lot doing worse. But all you can control is what you do.

Thank you again Lawson and Jackson for taking the time to chat!

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